about us

Star Medical Technology is a medical company with many years of experience in this field.

In this brief profile, you will learn about our medical team of staff, their background, our whole company philosophy, our missions and our expectations…

The most valuable asset of our company is its human resources…

The medical team who are running Star Medical are from most expert staffs that have years of working experience in very active and challenging medical working atmosphere. None of these people are new or beginner on this field.

As main core of our company philosophy, we highly believe the team who are doing the process and the tasks. For having result oriented cooperation, we need quality product and the high teamwork index of supplier and distributor to provide necessary requirement of customer satisfaction. As representing agent in local market and because of our deep relation with market needs and decision makers, we need this intimate teamwork.

All of these chain circles should know their jobs, because without being educated and having experience, achieving the goals is difficult. All of our sales representatives have medical background and university-graduated as bioengineers, nurses and operating room technicians and in other hand have been trained on related technical aspects of medical equipment as well.   

For us introducing ourselves to our suppliers is very important Knowing our counterpart team in other side will help us to enhance the quality of our relation much more.  

Directors of the company, have near 3 decades of working experience in managerial positions of service department and sales department. Other sections are Sales and marketing, financial/accounting and Service department. In addition for better presence we have agents in major provinces of Iran.  

In pursuit of our mission, with the aim of continually improving our functions, Star Medical Technology Mfg. has achieved the certification of ISO 13485: 2016.


To be a leading company in Iran distributing high quality medical products through efficient supply chain management.


Improving the health by supplying the best quality and highest efficiency.

Core Values  

The Star Medical culture reflects an individual commitment, based on teamwork and loyalty, to distribute high quality, valued for their price and reliable products to our customers in our territory.         

  • Respect…for one another in our culturally diverse environment
  • Value….for people, cultural differences and contributions
  • Loyalty… for our long-term partnerships
  • Integrity & Fairness…in all aspects of business
  • Flexibility & Adaptability…in responding to our customers’ need
  • Trust…others and be trustworthy
  • Investing in Employees…to continuously improve our most valuable resource
  • Committed…to listening to our colleagues and customers
  • Enjoy…the company of our colleagues, our work and have fun   

Our expectations from our suppliers are

  • Starting with mutual trust and building it up to most as we work together. 
  • Having long term relations based on respecting each other’s principles and working as a team for common goals.
  • Honesty in our transactions of information and knowledge and working based on win-win situation.
  • Customer satisfaction to be the first priority concern in all affairs, which is no need to say, plays the first role and managerial technique in our today world of business.